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Earn Bitcoin with our Affiliate Scheme

By recommending friends and using your social media influence, or by reviewing our service on your tech blog or website, you can earn 3% per year on all Bitcoin held by your referrals.

* Earn 3% per annum on all Bitcoin held by people who sign up for BitSimple from your referral links.

How does the BitSimple affiliate scheme work?

Register for a BitSimple account here - we only need your name, email address and password to open an account.

Click “Affiliates” to get started.

Invite your friends to use BitSimple using your unique link. You can use this link on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Email marketing, and your blog.

You earn 3% interest per year of any Bitcoin holdings that your referrals acquire.

E.g. if your signups hold a total of 100 Bitcoin between them, you earn 3 Bitcoin per year in interest - paid daily!

If you are the owner of a large website, or an influencer with many followers, please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide you with marketing materials, promotional ads etc.

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